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It’s Facebook Caturday

2010-03-17 (Wednesday)

It’s not often that I check my Facebook account.  And, when I do, usually because someone is organizing some event using it, I rarely pay much attention.  Today, however, was an exception:

It’s caturday, apparently.

(Not shown: a link about cats further down the page.)

Weaving into the Social Net

2009-05-10 (Sunday)

I do not like online social networking.

When it comes to interpersonal interaction, I have always preferred mine to be in meat-space, conducted over a few cold beers, some hearty food, and generally with more vocalization and eye contact than TCP and text rendering.

That said, in this day and age, especially for one with my occupational slant, having a positive online presence is generally recommended, if not expected.  And, whether I like it or not, these new-fangled social networks are a good way to keep in touch with old friends and new acquaintances alike, not to mention being fairly effective for organizing relatively larger scale gatherings.

So, for my own sake, I’ve gotta put some effort into  this whole shebang. That means blogging on this here blog, photoing on flickr, linking-in on LinkedIn, denting on, and at least being aware of what “Facebooking” even means for the month.  That’s a lot of nouns to verb, and I’m a very lazy man.

Luckily, integration tools exist. After some futzing, my Facebook status is now updated via (without the annoying “dented: ” prefix) via XMPP via Pidgin and the blog is being aggregated to both LinkedIn and Facebook.  With the latest redesign of the latter, I would rather have my blog entries show up in News Feeds as links instead of Notes posts, but that’s something I will have to investigate for later.  As for Flickr, Facebook does a decent job scraping thumbnails when posting Flickr links, so doing it manually will have to do for now; in fact, I think I prefer the extra control over having it happen automagically.

And, finally, updating my main page to contain all the appropriate links.  The only things left to do is to create a good profile photo of myself, and put up a resume.

Now if only they would all become OpenID consumers, I wouldn’t have to log in to them separately…