Yang “yangman” Zhao

Hacker, mountain biker, open source enthusiast


I am a software developer by trade and a hacker for fun.

Based in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, I am fairly involved in various projects based around the GNU/Linux platform, and am an enthusiast for open source applications in general.

I am also an avid mountain biker and lover of outdoor recreation.

For a professional history, please see my StackOverflow Careers profile.


A simple, single-user OpenID authentication server implementation.
A Python CouchDB view server.
I actively contribute to the radeonhd project at X.org.
Latitude/Longitude to UTM/MGRS Converter
Toy site built while learning Google Maps API, GIS basics, and jQuery
Gentoo Linux
Gentoo is my Linux distribution of choice. I also maintain an overlay (layman) of my own.


Blog: Geek on Two Wheels

I occasionally like to talk about things and share it with the world. Hacking, bikes, even a little bit of photography

Personal git repositories

A public, read-only subset of my various personal git repositories.


© Yang Zhao yang@yangman.ca
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